Our On-Road One Day Motorcycle Training Course is not your typical safety class. With valuable information and real-world challenging scenarios, our courses are about maximum time on the bike, so you can practice what we teach.

This course will be delivered over the course of 2 consecutive half days (8am-1pm) is a must for all road riders and equips one with the knowledge on how to handle their bike in all situations ensuring you become a safer, confident and more knowledgeable rider. The On-Road course will discuss and show you the fundamentals of riding and then extend on those fundamentals by giving you tips, drills, techniques and exercises to become a better and more active rider, allowing you to have more control over your bike in all situations.

We host our On-Road trainings within a closed off location close to the Dubai Autodrome. The facilities allow us to ensure you are trained in a safe and professional environment by BMW IIA Instructors.

We aim to have a focus on you the trainee and thus limit the participants to a maximum of 6 per instructor. This allows us to give you individual feedback and to be able to assist and answer any questions you have on the day.

The course covers the basics of On Road Riding. Starting with the fundamental riding skills then progressing to intermediate skills over the course of day. We will the adapt and scale the exercises individually to ensure you progress at a pace that the individual is comfortable with.

The road training will cover two aspects of riding: 1) Motorcycle Control and 2) Emergency Situations.

  • Rider sitting position
  • Slalom skills
  • Slow riding skills
  • Emergency breaking and the dynamics behind breaking
  • The 4 Cornering styles
  • Emergency obstacle avoidance

What IS included?

  • BMW IIA Instructor
  • Lunch on Day
  • Snacks & Water

What is NOT included?

  • Bike (Each rider will have to provide his own bike or rent one of ours)
  • Petrol for Bike
  • Personal Insurance
  • Personal Safety Gear

Safety Gear:

All participants are required to wear their full riding gear at all times. At a minimum, the rider must have:

  • Boots
  • Padded or safety pants
  • Padded or safety jacket
  • Gloves
  • Helmet

We have safety gear for rent available.


Spaces are limited and based on a first come first serve basis. Please book your slot with the above link portal.

Training Times:

The course will run from 9am – 5pm (including lunch).


Big Red Motorrad Facility in the Dubai Autodrome.

Rent a Bike:

We offer motorcycle rentals on our new fleet of 2017 BMW motorcycles.

For more information on model and costs: http://www.wadimoto.com/rentals/

Who will deliver the Training:

Our Chief Instructor Bradley Festraets is a BMW IIA Instructor who has been trained in Germany by the IIA (International Instructors Academy) on how to deliver the BMW designed On Road Course. This course has been delivered to thousands of participants around the globe and has been trusted for many years.

BMW Training is a well trusted brand, with an extremely formidable reputation globally. As we follow their guidelines and represent BMW as an official partner, we can ensure you will have an amazing experience with us and can trust us, as we uphold the BMW brand and standards.