You will arrive in Dubai – An airport Transfer will be there to greet you and take you to your hotel to Check In. You will have some time to freshen up and relax before one of our guides will meet you in the lobby and walk tour participants across to our shop where we will complete the tour briefing, bike delivery and relevant paperwork. We will then make our way across the road for a welcome dinner. Once dinner is finished, we will conveniently walk back over the road to your hotel for a good nights rest to start the next day bright and early.


We will leave Dubai early today and head out in the direction of the Hatta/Oman Border. Once we hit the border and complete the border crossing procedure we will then head towards Sobar and from Sobar towards Ibri through some mountainous roads and wadi (small river) crossings. From Al Dariz, we will enter a gravel road towards the Beehive tombs of BAT, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next up, we will continue towards Bahla and it’s impressive fort that dates back many years. Once we have viewed the Fort, we will then head up (almost 2000m above sea level) to Jabal Shams, home to the second biggest canyon in the world. We will spend the night in a resort and have a group dinner.


For the early risers, they are welcome to join our instructors lead a 1 hour hike to Balcony Walk to watch the sunrise at the Canyon. From Jabal Shams, we will ride back down and pass through the Oasis and Old Town of Al Hamra then back up to Sharaf for the view over Wadi Bani Auwf. From Wadi Bani Auwf, we will make our way towards Nizwa and discover another historical fort and the Souk Market. We will spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the hotel pool.


From Nizwa we will head towards Dama wal Tayyin and embark on a roller coaster of off-road mountainous roads towards Ibri. Once we get to Ibri, we will ride straight towards the entrance of the desert.  Once in Bidiyah, we will leave our bikes at a safe place and take a 4×4 transfer with our luggage to the desert camp site.


After breakfast, we will get transferred back to our bikes, then start riding south to Wadi Bani Khalid. Wadi Bani Khaled is a swimming oasis in the middle of nowhere. We will spend roughly 2hrs swimming and relaxing by the natural pools. After lunch at Wadi Bani Khaled, we will head towards Sur and have 2 options to get there (Road or Gravel). Our destination for the night is a beach resort in Ras Al Hadd, also known as Turtle Beach and infamous for turtle hatchings and safe haven. If we are lucky, we might get to see the turtles hatching and making their way to the water for the first time.


We will depart the turtle resort and head towards the main port in Sur to discover the Dhow (traditional boat) Fabric and Fishing Market. After Sur we will ride North to Wadi Tiwi for an in excursion into the Wadi and local villagers. A few km on from Wadi Tiwi, we will find Wadi Shab which is known for the “Keyhole” a rock pool with a small opening that opens up into a cave with underground waterfall. From Wadi Shab, we will ride to the Bimah Sinkhole for a short stop. If you dare you can take the 10m jump into the water. Once at Al Hajar, an optional offroad route will be through Wadi al Mayh to Yiti, then Al Bustan and Mutrah. The accommodation in the capital of Oman, Muscat will be two nights.


This is a free day to explore the capital of Oman, Muscat. Visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, The Muscat Opera House, Mutrah Souk, Go Diving, Dolphin Cruise, Dhow Sailing or simply chill at the hotel

Day 8: 622Km MUSCAT – DUBAI

Today, we head back to Dubai, we start from Muscat on the express way to a nearby village called Fanja from there we will take the mountain road directions to Nakhal, then, Rustaq. At Miskin, we take a winding road on the mountain towards the coast and then head north towards the border. We will say goodbye to Oman and cross back over to the UAE. We will return the Bikes back to Big Red Motorrad and finish off the tour with a few celebratory beverages and a farewell meal. You will spend the night in hotel located close to our premises.

Day 9:

The tour has come to an end, enjoy a lazy lay in, extend your stay if you wish to see more of Dubai or simply cab it back to the airport.

Day 10 (Optional  +1 Day Add On)

Add a day to our 9 day tour to discover Khasab, the route to Khasab is a picturesque winding coastal road which will leave you in awe. On arrival at Khasab Port, we will venture onto a dhow boat to cruise the fjords of Musandum and sail along side the many dolphins, whom are locals to the area. The Dhow boat will stop at intermittent points for lunch and a spot of snorkeling. Once back on shore, we will take a leisurely drive up to a lookout point and then head back to Dubai.